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Let me introduce myself

Hi I´m Karla, 5 foot 3 of pure creative energy. Avid reader, art enthusiast and seeker of experiences. Multitasker, workaholic and tech junkie. What else can I say? I´m passionate about people, about change and about leaving a dent in the world, for the better. Currently obsessed with organic food and weird juices.

?Welcome, and nice to meet you?

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Get to know me a lil bit more

Music lover

I´ve been into music since forever, but this last year I have taken things to the next level and I have started sharing my music, taking it more seriously and playing gigs whenever I can. You can define my style as an acoustic folkish kinda one? Feel free to check out what I´ve been up to in my Youtube channel ❤️

World traveler

Traveling is just one of the most exciting things there are in this world. Discovering new places, getting lost in narrow streets, endless beaches… Meeting people from all around the world, getting to experience other cultures… Is enriching in every level possible, you broaden your mind and your horizons, you grow every time.

Curious mind

I mean… What is there to say about this? Curiosity is the key, or at least that´s what I believe. It´s the foundation of the “learning by doing” philosophy, the drive that it´s      needed to improve and to grow. Nurturing the mind in every sense possible, brings so much self development to the person, and that´s what gives us the tools to create great things. ❤️


What have I been doing?

Welcome Innovation

Co-founder and Communication Leader

Founded a new junior cooperative with other 9 co-founders.
• Launched over 24 new projects focused on having a local impact.
• Ruled by the “learning by doing” methodology.
• Worked and developed many projects in Finland and San Francisco, currently developing new ones for China and India.
• Skilled in diverse fields.

Surf Shop Europe


SurfShopEurope.com is a surf gear shop. It´s mission it´s to introduce internationally well-known brands that have so far not had a presence in our national market, and to focus on quality (shapers, design and service).

Crazy ideas
Drunken coffees
Good vibes
Ready to rock

My Skills

I´m currently studying a degree on LEINN (Leadership/Entrepreneurship/Innovation), an university degree inside of the MTA comunity. It’s a business area degree where we develop our capabilities to create new companies or new projects inside new companies. We are trained to work in a global world contributing to the society through the innovation.

We are skilled in different fields, and we rule this growth process by the “learning by doing” methodology.

We have an unconventional way of thinking, and we are able to approach different situations with divergent perspectives.

Team work
Web design and development
Project management
Marketing and sales



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