What does Sales & Marketing mean for me?

I believe sales & marketing is the key to every business. Across this past year I have become to enjoy the customer relationships, and now I see that it´s crucial in our every day life here in WINN. I think that mastering this two can bring a lot of good things to our growth and progress, and it´s gonna be the IT factor at the time of developing new strategies and making us stand out from the conventional companies.

I think we don´t really realize to what extension sales & marketing can improve our performance and our company´s core. Everything is marketing nowadays, even if we are not full aware of it yet.

What are my biggest challenges about SALES & Marketing ?

I think that the biggest challenge of them all is gonna be to get that metamorphosis on the team. We gotta change our way of doing things, and that means extra effort and really believing on the process. We gotta make a big change in our mindset and be aware of the importance of how the sales & marketing affects our company and how people see and perceive us.

Connecting with this, we just started changing the branding of the company, cause last year we were too care free about this issue, and for San Francisco is basic to have a good branding. We gotta be able to identify our new branding with the company we want to become, cause after all, branding is marketing, and marketing translates into sales.

What shared goals do I and my team have about the program?

I´m pretty sure we all agree that we have a lot of things to improve in this field, we have had a couple of customer relationships along our first year as a team company and not all of them were ideal. We have a lack in the aspect of customer care sometimes, in the sense of not doing follow ups or giving a thought into improving/changing services depending on our audience.

We tend to create a product and expect the target to like it, when it should be a pretty different approach (what does the customer want?). We all believe that a change is needed, and our goal is to become a customer oriented team company, and reinvent ourselves and have a brand new corporative image.

What is the Customer challenge that I bring to the program?

Turn WINN into a customer oriented company, who applies this in all of it´s projects, improving them in every step we take with our customer´s feedback. Also I wanna turn Chameleon Studios (web design and development) into a service entirely oriented to the customers, upgrade it in some way to turn it into something completely new here in Bilbao, get that added value, and make something special that it´s worth it.

Which theory has affected me the most about Sales & Marketing ?

I think that the most valuable for me has been the one about the referrals and the “boca a boca” marketing, you can find it in The Sales Bilble or in Lean Startup. I been taking this into account in my web design project (Chameleon Studios), and till now the results have been really good. If you do a good job with your customer, and keep a close relationship, he or she most likely will recommend you to people they know, which will have a much better effect than a mere add on google. We have designed our project/service focused on what are our customer´s needs so we put a lot of effort on co-creating with the client, and being close and willing to help them in every single step.

Also, we have seen that having informal meetings, grabbing a coffee for instance, helps in building that customer bond, and it´s a great way to speak freely about everything regarding the web, what do they need? Why? What kind of past experiences have they had? That kind of stuff. Also, if you get your customer to smile (which is a really good sign by the way) and be fond of you your work will be much easier, and you´ll get a few referrals for sure.

What have you done with your Customer challenge and what are you planning to do? What is your dream?

I think that till now I´ve been trying to apply the theories I have gotten from the books and sharing the acquired knowledge on the team. Also, paying attention to the customer´s reactions and feedback has been of great help.
What I wanna do is go a step further. Make the team see how important this is for us and also, rebuild what we are, for the better. I think that if we really go for it and believe in the change that we have to make, we´ll get to great things in our projects.
Also, as I have already mentioned, Chameleon Studios is a service perfect for test all this new techniques.

We have direct contact with the clients and we learn from our relationships. I believe that the things we test in it and do work, are perfect to apply in WINN. Dream? For now I will say that my main goal and focus is to make WINN big, and the projects within it. Improving our marketing and sale skills are gonna play a big part in this process, and for sure that we are ready for all the amazing things we have yet to come.

Why is it important for my team company to send me to the program?