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Hi I´m Karla, 5 foot 3 of pure creative energy. Avid reader, art enthusiast and seeker of experiences. Multitasker, workaholic and tech junkie. What else can I say? I´m passionate about people, about change and about leaving a dent in the world, for the better. Currently obsessed with organic food and weird juices.

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7 Habits of highly effective people

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Best customer visit posmotorola

Poweful conversations

Met with a company so they could introduce Chameleon Studios to a project they had in mind.

Best Project

Chameleon Studios

• Web and Graphic Design studio focused on the customer needs.
• Help companies increase their internet presence and their impact in the society.
• Redesign and creation from scratch of the branding and marketing materials.

Best workshop

Design thinking - D school Stanford

Took part in a workshop testing at Stanford´s D School. We made some dynamics at the university, a tour and then took a train to the city. Each of us was given an iPod, some headphones and left to ourselves on Market st.

The goal of the activity was to stay on a crowded place for an hour and study the behaviors of the people around. It was a pretty enriching experience, and something to recreate back home.